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PR: The start of a major investment cycle in the modernization of the internet network in the Slovenian countryside

22/09/2022 – In October, construction work will begin on the development of a new, approximately 1,600 km long, optical network, which will finally give 52,000 households […]

PR: Additional 130 million euros for the RUNE network construction in the rural areas

Sežana, Matulji (date) – RUNE project, within which broadband optical infrastructure is being built in the rural areas of Slovenija and in parts of Croatia, has […]

PR: Stojan Nikolić is the new CEO of the company RUNE Enia

On November 1st, M.A. Stojan Nikolić took over the reins of the company RUNE Enia d.o.o., which is leading a project to build a broadband optical […]