Basic corporate information

The CEBF fund is the majority owner of the Luxembourg based RUNE Group S.A., who in turn owns the companies RUNE Enia d.o.o. (Slovenia) and RUNE Crow d.o.o. (Croatia).

The aim of the companies is to build high capacity fiber network and operate the infrastructure as an open-access active network, which will enable the service providers to access the infrastructural services under the same conditions. 

By building a network in the areas which are currently not covered with optical infrastructure, the companies will help local communities to achieve the goals of the Digital agenda for Europe 2020 and Gigabit Europe 2025, by enabling the connectivity to the citizens with capacities of 1Gb/s and more.

RUNE is first and at the moment also only multinational project at the EU level which bridges several member states with ultra-fast broadband infrastructure. Besides, RUNE is also the first project which was funded by the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund (CEBF), whose main purpose is to contribute to achieving the gigabit society goals. 

Optical network construction is beeing built by RUNE Enia d.o.o. in the rural areas of Slovenia and by RUNE Crow d.o.o. in the rural areas of Croatia. 

In order to speed up and simplify the construction, the use of the existing infrastructure is envisaged, in accordance with legal and technical norms and in compliance with EU regulations on cost reduction of high-speed electronic communications networks.

Hitrosti večje od 1 Gbps na podeželskih področjih v Sloveniji
Brzine veće od 1 Gbps u ruralnim područjima Primorsko-goranske i Istarske županije